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Clean R Us serves the Pasco, Richland, Kennewick area of Washington
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Clean R Us, LLC, of Kennewick, Richland, Pasco - Greater Tri-Cities area
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"Everyone on our crew really cares about the cleaning service that we provide through Clean R Us. On each assignment, we demonstrate our motto: We Don't Cut Corners; We Clean Them."

Adrianne ~ CEO, Clean R Us, LLC
Rely on Clean R Us, LLC, of Pasco, Kennewick, Richland Washington Area
Clean R Us, LLC, is a mother and daughter owned; licensed; bonded and insured, cleaning company. We've been satisfying Greater Tri-Cities Area residential and business clients since 1991. Most of our cleaning crew are veterans with us; All are considered family, too. Together, we pride ourselves on cleaning corners, not cutting themCall us at 509 374-4365.
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Our goal is to provide the same Clean R Us specialists on every visit. 
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We can create Gift Certificates for any Cleaning Service in any Monetary Amount.*

*Orders of $140 or more, our Clients receive a gift.

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• Each of our housekeepers has a full FBI background check.
• We send you the same housekeepers each visit so you won't feel like they're strangers.
• Our staff knows how to safely clean the multi-surfaces inside your home or offices.
• We use healthy options for cleaning your home and office.  
• There are no contracts to sign. Satisfying your need for clean is our goal.
• We offer special or extra services. Just let us know.
• Bonded • Licensed • Insured  • Professional Cleaning Experts
ABOUT Clean R Us, LLC  | (509) 374-4365
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Clean R Us, LLC, is a member of the Tri-Cities Better Business Bureau.
A Clean R Us Spirit Lifter! Jasmine joined Clean R Us on the recommendation of our staff member and her sister Victoria. Jasmine is one of our newest team members. As a mom, she's blessed with a "really good eye for detail," adapts well to customized cleaning needs and schedules, and has great supervisory skills.

Plus, Jasmine has a great sense of humor. You'll appreciate her intense dedication to cleaning and easy ability to share a smile.
A Clean R Us Winner! Brittany is one of our talented Team members who has been with Clean R Us for a good long while. Detail-oriented and conscientious, Brittany brings her whole heart to her work. She cares about her clients as much as her beloved nieces and nephews. So it's easy for her to go "above and beyond" what is necessary on assignment.

Brittany is a real people person, and you'll quickly find that she can make you feel like family. She is a supervisor and trainer.


A Clean R Us Super Star! Ariana is one of our veteran Team members that Clients truly appreciate. She is very detail oriented and prides herself on cleaning excellence in  whatever space she's assigned or whatever cleaning job is required. Ariana is a married soccer mom who loves to laugh. She serves as Supervisor and Trainer for our new crew members.

You'll love Ariana's concern for your needs. She delivers quality control.
A Clean R Us Jem! Gloria is our quiet, ready rock of reliability. She's a cornerstone veteran with our family friendly company, meaning we welcomed this diligent and skilled professional back after time away for family needs. Gloria is always a mom first, and her clients appreciate that she brings that steady patience to each assignment we give her.

You'll value Gloria's ability to adapt quickly to whatever cleaning task is needed.
A Clean R Us Joy! A bit shy, Jamee is a favorite with all of her Clean R Us clients. Many customers have called our Kennewick Office just to tell us how much they love Jamee. Praised as a really good worker, someone sweet and quiet, and really good at her job, Jamee says it comes naturally to her because she loves what she does.

You'll find no complaints when you have Jamee and her partner Britany making your home or office shine! 
A Clean R Us Keeper! Maria is a stalwart team player at Clean R Us, LLC. A loving wife and mother, she's got a wealth of cleaning knowledge and skills. As with all of our staff members, Maria knows the techniques and tools needed to safely clean your home or office building. And she's got the patience and skills to train and supervise, and the focus to take any cleaning route that we assign.

Maria really cares about her customers and you'll enjoy her sense of humor and dedication.

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A Clean R Us Standout! Meet Sonia, one of the most valuable players we have at Clean R Us, LLC, because she can easily work with any member of our Team. She serves as a kind of base-hitter, meaning she can bounce around with short notice to work with any of our crews serving the Tri-Cities area. She's skilled, loyal and hardworking. She never cuts corners while cleaning.

You'll love this fact. On a snow day in the Tri, she can be relied upon to get her crew where they need to go. This one doesn't skate!
We'll post here when Clean R Us is hiring.
Two-person cleaning crew standard.
*note color-codes
A Clean R Us Rising Star! Victoria is one of our youngest Team members. She's actually the sister of Jasmine, another talented cleaning specialist here at Clean R Us, LLC. Very detail oriented, Victoria loves the work of safely keeping surfaces spotless and indoor windows sparkling. Always with a smile, she is reliable, learns quickly and loves to laugh. 

You'll enjoy Victoria's fun personality and ability to learn your personal preferred touch for home or office cleaning.
A Clean R Us Sweet Heart! Hallie is most likely our most outgoing Team member. She's extremely reliable and worries about making her clients happy. Hallie doesn't want to let anyone down and works hard to make homes and offices shine, to keep things in their proper place.

Hallie's also a dog lover. Ask her about her baby Ziggy Boy and you'll get a happy story. Hallie really cares about animals and people and you'll like her for that.
To get started, call us at (509) 374-4365. Or go to Schedule a Cleaning and fill out our Contact Form. We respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Free estimates.